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A picture from the high country

Looking out to Cooma from Glenfergus hill near Numeralla


Bonfires are great in the way you are freezing cold on one side and burning hot on the other.

The primrose way to the everlasting bonfire


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To behold the wandering moon
Riding near her highest noon

Like one that had been led astray
Through the heavens wide pathless way
And oft, as her head be bowed
Stooping through a fleecy cloud
- Milton


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The circle of life

Today at the opshop below my work I saw a Simba toy I wanted so bad when I was 5.


If you are in Canberra you would know that it has a few feet Vietnamese food haunts.

The Body on Somerton Beach

The Body on Somerton Beach

I am obsessed this this Australian Mystery of the unknown man found on Somerton Beach Adelaide in 1948.

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I couldn’t resist buying this well loved #simba from the opshop because… Childhood. I loved playing with one just like this when I was in preschool. He purrs too which is pretty cute. #thelionking #toys #bigkid

Something from the future wasteland

The Callum Offices in Woden Canberra looks like something from a future wasteland perhaps where mad scientists reside.

#CBR is so sparkly

Drinking at Molly’s #CBR #Canberra

Originally posted on The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice:

PM15I remember rummaging through an old trunk in my grandmother’s house when I was a child and coming across what seemed to me at the time a very unusual photograph. It was a monochromatic image of a beautiful, young woman lying in a white casket (not dissimilar to the photo on the left).

Curious, I plucked the photo from the trunk and went to find…

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What’s better than Big Buck Hunter?

The Tav replaced The Big Buck Hunter shooting game with a Lord of the Rings Pinball machine, which is fine with me, but im not sure its really something the regulars would play

LOTR pinball

Lord of the rings pinball

LoTR pinball

LoTR pinball

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I love this Gif I made 

Look it’s a mushroom cloud #cloud #sky